Dog Show

dog-show-04Dog Show

Thursday 5:30pm
Department 80 – Class 803
Carol Erling (860) 625-3449

JOIN US AT 4:30 FOR A DOG AGILITY DEMONSTRATIONS…Our group of agility enthusiasts and their nimble dogs will explain and demonstrate the basics and excitement of an agility competition.

The dog show will begin promptly at 5:30. Registration begins at 4:00 pm in the cattle tent. YOUR DOG MUST BE VACCINATED FOR RABIES AND LICENSED. All dogs are welcome! This is a family oriented show and open to all ages, handlers and dogs. Please be sure your dog is up to date on all vaccinations. Any questions, please call Carol Erling at (860) 625-3449.

No pre-registration. All entries at the fairgrounds on the night of the show. You are encouraged to write your description for My Best Bud in advance, but you may write it when you arrive. If you want to make out your own entry to save time please include Dog’s Name, Handler’s Name, and Home Town. Print the name of the class at the top of the page and make one entry for each class entered. Any questions contact Carol Erling at (860) 625-3449.


  1. MY BEST BUD: Tell us in writing why your dog is your best friend.
  2. BEST DOGGY FEATURE: Does your dog have the most beautiful ears? The waggiest tail? The most soulful eyes? Show off puppy’s best feature for the judges!
  3. MERRY TRICKSTER: Best dog tricks.
  4. OBEDIENCE: Beginner and Skilled