Skillet Tossskillet-toss-02

Thursday 6pm
Department 42 – Class 405

Class 1 – Age 7-12
Class 2 – Age 13-20
Class 3 – Age 21-30
Class 4 – Age 31-40
Class 5 – Age 41-55
Class 6 – Age 56+
Class 7 – Champion and Reserved Champion: 1st & 2nd place winners of each class will compete for champion and reserved champion

Winners in Classes 1-6 will be awarded $10.
The Champion in Class 7 will be awarded $25 and the Reserve Champion will receive $15.

1. Open to the world’s women.
2. Skillets will be provided by the Fair.
3. Each contestant will have two throws
4. No practice throws will be allowed during the competition.
5. Throw will be straight out the course, distance off center line will be subtracted off score.
6. Registration will begin at 5 p.m. at the Main Stage.

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