Swine Demonstration/Display

Department 80piglets
Superintendent: Audra Jurgilewicz
104 Sunset Ridge, Norfolk, CT 06058
Send all entries to Supt. by August 10th. Pens are first come, first serve.

  1. All swine are to be on fairgrounds by 8:00 p.m. Thursday unless other arrangements have been made and approved ahead of time by superintendent.
  2. Entries limited to two swine per farm per class.
  3. All swine must originate from farms registered by the Connecticut Department of Agriculture Livestock Division (566-4268) and be validated Brucellosis Free. Inspection report with validation number is required for out-of-date swine.
  4. Interstate health chart is required for out-of-state swine.
  5. Dirty or unruly swine will not be permitted to compete and will be sent home.
  6. Exhibitors must assume responsibility for the care and feeding of animals while on exhibit.
  7. Bedding will be provided.
  8. Open division is open to all. Youth classes are for those 19 years old and under (specify age on entry blank). Age as of January 1st of the current year.
  9. There are no entry fees.
  10. All livestock trailers must park in the lot across the street for the weekend. Any exhibitors planning to camp on the fairgrounds must PREREGISTER ALL CAMPERS with the appropriate forms and fees.



Aug 21st 4pm-11pm
Aug 22nd 8am-8pm
Aug 23rd 8am-8pm
Aug 24th 8am-6pm

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