Veggie Racing


What is veggie racing? Picture a pinewood derby race using fruits and vegetables in place of the wood block!

Any fruit or vegetable may be used, the only restriction is the width that will fit on the track cannot exceed 2.5 in.
Weights may be used and are available for purchase at Danielson Surplus Sales on Main St in Danielson.
Decorating your vegetable as a racecar is encouraged, a ribbon will be awarded to the most original.
Races will be run in heats of 4, the winner of each heat will advance to the next level.

Ribbons will be awarded to all participants.

Open to all kids 17 and under, there is no entry fee for this event, kids over the age of 12 will be required to pay an admission fee to enter the fairgrounds.

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Aug 21st 4pm-11pm
Aug 22nd 8am-8pm
Aug 23rd 8am-8pm
Aug 24th 8am-6pm

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