Poultry & Rabbits

Poultry & Rabbits

Superintendent: Abigail Frink
Phone: (860) 933-6822 (Please leave a message)
Assistant Superintendent: Jaimie Cameron

Entries accepted: July 14 – August 8 or until barn is full

Mail all entries to: P.O. Box 410,  Brooklyn, CT  06234

Printable Entry Form

2018 Fair and Show Requirements

Rules & Regulations:

Entries are accepted from July 14th through August 8th or until barn is full. Entries received after August 8th or any changes will not be accepted, only deletions will be accepted. Exhibitors are limited to a maximum of 30 animals in a department. Exhibitors are limited to two in the pet class. The pet class is youth only. All entries must be as a true representation of their breed. Single entries only, no pairs, or trios. Only one animal per line on entry blank. Be sure to enter Department, Class and Lot number on entry blank as will as filling in the description. Youth is age 19 and younger- in accordance with 4-H age. Exhibitor entering educational displays must be youth and be entering livestock in the respective department.

Exhibits are entered at the sole risk of the owner. The best possible care will be taken of all exhibits, but the management will not be responsible for any accident, mistake, loss or damage. Absolutely no sick animals will be allowed in the show. Food, water, and bedding will be provided. There are no entry fees.

The sale of animals entered in the Brooklyn Fair is prohibited. Sale signs will not be allowed in cages and will be removed. Barn managers, and volunteers will, in no way, be involved with the sale of any animal.

Mail all entries to: P.O. Box 410, Brooklyn, CT 06234

The show will open to receive entries on Wednesday from 3pm to 7pm, and Thursday from 9am to 2 pm. All exhibits must be in place by 2pm on Thursday, failure to comply will result in exhibits being scratched, as judging starts promptly at 2pm Thursday night.

Exhibits may not be removed from the show until 6pm Sunday, unless the animal becomes ill. Exhibits must be picked up before 9pm Sunday night.

Judging will take place promptly at 2pm on Thursday. The decision of the judge is final. The Danish judging system will be used except for educational displays which will be straight judged. Ribbons and trophies will be awarded at pick up.


  1. Health certificates signed by an accredited veterinarian and other required testing will be valid for the entire 2018 show season.
  2. All animals and poultry entered at fairs and shows must be in good health and in proper physical condition and will be examined at the exhibition by the barn superintendent. Evidence of poor condition or infectious or contagious disease or failure to produce the necessary documents for health certification, vaccination or testing will result in ejection. The Connecticut Department of Agriculture Livestock Inspector’s decision is final.
  3. Health charts and proof of vaccination where applicable are the responsibility of the exhibitor.
  4. Each barn superintendent will collect and hold the Health Certificates from each exhibitor. Animals not in compliance with state regulations for shows and fairs will not be allowed. A complete list, containing the name of the exhibitor, address, animal ID (ear tag, tattoo, leg band), breed and age of each animal and the total head count will be made available to the State Livestock Inspector and forwarded to the Connecticut Dept. of Agriculture, Bureau of Regulation & Inspection by the fair superintendent. All animals and poultry present on the grounds should be identified on this list. Any animal that is rejected should be noted as such with a brief statement of reason. Rejected animals or poultry should be removed from the grounds as soon as possible. Any concerns about the health of any animal or bird should be reported to the State Livestock. Inspector or Fair Veterinarian immediately.
  5. Isolate all exhibited animals and poultry upon their return to the farm from other animals and poultry for 3-4 weeks to reduce the risk of disease exposure and transmission. Call your local veterinarian if your animals or poultry become sick to help you with diagnosis and treatment.
  6. Contact the Bureau of Regulation and Inspection @ 860-713-2504 with questions.

Testing All poultry must be identified and test negative for Salmonella pullorum within 12 months of the show date and be accompanied by a certificate. All poultry must comply with the Department of Agriculture Avian Influenza requirements by originating from AI-Free flocks or be tested for AI within 30 days of entry and have a certificate. No poultry from areas of any state having Avian Influenza may enter CT. Poultry vaccinated within 30 days with any live virus vaccine will be prohibited from showing. All cages, crates and vehicles used for housing and transporting poultry must be cleaned and disinfected before and after each show. Doves, pigeons, and waterfowl are exempt from testing requirements, but must be identified by leg band or wing tags.

State Vet Dr. Lis, CT Dept, of Ag, had advised us that state inspectors will come to individual homes to test birds. To make arrangements call Jamie Sullican, Senior Inspector, at (860) 713-2562. Mr. Sullivan will arrange inspector’s visits. You should allow a minimum of 2-3 weeks between the Inspector’s visit and receipt of the report from the lab. If you have any questions, please call the State Dept. of Ag at (860)713-2504 or (860)713-2505.

Open Show Premiums:  1st – $2, 2nd – $1
Youth Show Premiums: 1st – $2, 2nd – $1

Department 6 – Poultry Open Show

Department 8 – Poultry Youth Show

Lots:     (1) Cocks      (2) Hens             (3) Cockerels      (4) Pullets
Standard Poultry Classes:

1. Ameraucana
30. Astralop
55. Campine
160. Houdon
185. La Fleche
220. Leghorn
315. Polish Beard
336. Sexlinks
100. Crevecoeur
120. Dorking
240. Minorcan
265. Old England
360. Sultan
385. Yokohama
4. Andalusian
35. Barnvelder
65. Chantecler
165. Java
190. Lakenvelder
230. Malay
318. Polish Non-Beard
340. Shamo
105. Cubalaya
130. Favorell
243. Modern Game
275. Old England Game
365. Sumatra
390. Peafowl
10. Araucanas
40. Brahma
75. Cochin
175. Jersey Giant
200. Lamona
295. Phoenix
330. Redcap
350. Sicilian Buttercup
110. Delaware
140. Frizzle
250. Naked Neck
285. Orpington
370. Sussex
392. Pheasant
20. Aseel
50. Buckey
155. Holland
180. Junglefowl
210. Langshan
300. Plymouth Rock
335. RI Red
90. Cornish
115. Dominque
145. Hamburg
260. New Hampshire
355. Spanish
375. Wyandotte
399. Guinea Hen

Bantam Poultry Classes

490. Anacona
495. Andalusia
500. Belgian Beard Danvers
515. Botted
520. Brahma
525. Chantecler
530. Cochin
545. Cornish
555. Crevecoeur
560. Delaware
561. Dutch
565. Salmon Favorell
570. Hamburg
580. Japanese
590. Lakenvelder
593. Leghorn
595. Malay
600. Modern Game
610. New Hampshire
615. Old England Game
635. Orpington
640. Phoenix
645. Porcelain
650. Plymouth Rock
660. Polish Bearded
665. Polish Non-Bearded
670. Polish
675. RI Red
680. Rosecomb
690. Sebright
695. Shamo
700. Silkie Bearded
702. Silkie Non-Bearded
710. Spanish
715. Sumatra
720. Sussex
730. Wyandotte
740. Red Comet
742. Pet

Department 14 – Waterfowl Open Show
Department 16 – Waterfowl Youth Show
Lots: (1) Cocks (2) Hens (3) Cockerels (4) Pullets
Any Variety

1. Aylesbury
25. Cayuga
45. Mallard
75. Runner
240. Pilgrim
270. Tufted Roman
5. Buff
30. Crested
55. Moscovy
90. Swedish
220. Chinese
245. Pomeranian
10. Call
35. East Indies
65. Pekin
200. African
230. Egyptian
255. Sebastopol
20. Khaki Campbell
40. Magpie
70. Rouen
210. American
235. Embden
260. Toulouse

Department 18 – Pigeon Open Show: Any Variety
Department 20 – Pigeon Youth Show: Any Variety
Lots: (1) Old Cocks (2) Old Hens (3) Young Cocks  (4) Young Hens

1. Archangel
10. Eng. Carrier
18. Eng. Trumpeter
31. Fantail
40. Helmet
50. Homer – Racing
70. Homer – Saddle
100. Jacobin
110. Lahore
120. Modina
130. Mookee
140. Num
150. Old Dutch Cap
170. Owl – African
180, Owl – Chinese
210. Roller
221. Show Roller
223. Flying Roller
229. Saddle Fantail
232. Show Racer
240. Siles Fary
245. Swallow
250. Tumbler – Bald LFCL
260. Tumbler – Eng. SF
267. Tumbler LFCL
269. Tumbler LF Muff
271. Tumbler CL
280. Tumbler
289. Tumbler Russian
309. Tumbler SB
310. Tumbler Self Kom
320. Tumbler Self LFCL

Department 10 – Rabbit Open Show: Any Variety
Department 12 – Rabbit Youth Show: Any Variety
Lots:(1) Sr. Buck       (2) Sr. Doe         (3)  Jr. Buck       (4)  Jr. Doe

1. American
2. American Chinchilla
3. American Fuzzy Lop
4. American Sable
10. Argente Brun
15. Belgian Hare
20. Beveren
25. Blan de Hotot
30. Britannia Petite
35. Californian
40. Champagne D’Argent
45. Checkered Giant
50. Cinnamon
55. Crème D’argent
60. Dutch
65. Dwarf Hotot
70. English Angora
71. English Lop
72. English Spot
80. Flemish Giant
85. Florida White
90. French Angora
91. French Lop
100. Gray
105. Giant Angora
106. Giant Chinchilla
115. Harlequin
120. Havana
125. Himalayan
130. Holland Lop
135. Hotot
140. Jersey Wooly
145. Lilac
150. Lionhead
155. Mini Lop
156. Mini Rex
157. Mini Satin
165. Netherland
166. Netherland Dwarf
175. New Zealand
180. Palomino
185. Polish
190. Rex
195. Rhinelander
200. Satin
201. Satin Angora
210. Silver
211. Silver Fox
212. Silver Marten
220. Suntan Broken
225. Standard Chinchilla
230. Tan
235. Thiranta
240. Pet