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Josh Gracin

Date: Aug 24, 2024
Time: 1:00 PM

Fans fell in love with the former Marine upon his ascension onto the Country charts in 2004 with “I Want To Live.” The hits came in short order for Gracin – the chart-topper “Nothin’ To Lose,” “Stay With Me (Brass Bed),” and “We Weren’t Crazy” all hit high on the Billboard charts. And, as it does when an artist tastes success, the road beckoned. Seattle. Green Bay. Austin. Bangor. Gracin found himself thrust into the national spotlight.

“Things happened so fast. And, it was wonderful – each and every minute. But, I don’t know that I was taking the time to soak it in. Things just kind of ran together.”

So, Josh pulled over to the side of the road, and decided it was time to just breathe. Making such a move isn’t what one is taught in Career 101, but he had faith his audience would follow him on his journey.

“The fans have always been incredible to me,” says the singer. “I know so many of them on a first-name basis. I knew that they would stay the course with me. I just wanted to find a song – one of those can’t miss songs that you can’t deny. That’s exactly what I did.”

Now, with the release of his new single, “Good For You,” Gracin is back on Country Radio – a format that has been very good to him – alongside the digital service providers that treated him well on his last digital release “Nothin’ Like Us.” The release is a partnership between Reviver (David Lee Murphy, Michael Tyler, Tenille Arts) and his own Revel Road label.

“I’m very excited with what’s going on now, because we have grown a team who believes in me and my music and has built this whole infrastructure alongside me. Together, we are connecting with the fans like never before.”

With the new single, Josh Gracin is armed with the best music of his career. It’s a song he’s been in search of for a while.

“‘Good for You’ is definitely a different type of song. I grew up in Michigan learning how to sing off R&B and Soul music. It transitioned into Country music when I was about thirteen and it’s been Country ever since. I always wanted to infuse that type of Soul / R&B type sound with Country. Actually, some of my cuts off my earlier albums you can see that in some of what we’ve done. Even though it doesn’t have this big monstrous long production like some of my hits do it still sounds like it does because of the melody of the song, the lyrics.”
Josh thinks that once listeners hear the song, they will be hooked on it, as well.

“It really pulls you in. The lyrics are clear. The story is clear. It’s a topic that hasn’t been written like this, at least in country music. It’s your classic guy meets girl approach, but it’s never been written like this before. I was always scared to release a slow ballad because everybody today wants something upbeat, but when you listen to the song it’s a shift in the pocket of the production that was done from top to bottom. This song is just a different level. It’s different than anything else out there on the radio but when you hear it, it sticks.”
“Good For You” is available now on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube Music and Pandora, here, and impacts Country radio on November 5th.

So, you’ve heard the hits. You’ve seen him live on stage. But, now with his new music, he feels he’s ready to impact lives.
“What is music supposed to do? It’s aim is to touch people. I have heard so many stories from fans about ‘Brass Bed’ or ‘Nothin’ To Lose,” and how they brought meaning to people’s lives. That’s a feeling you can’t put into words. I have purposely waited until I found such a song as ‘Good For You.’ I truly believe this is one of those songs.”

He’s already been trying out the music live – and the results have been great. “People are really loving the new stuff when we play it – they love the older material as well – but I am really feeling a connection with the audience as never before. This song has the potential to take us higher than ever – and I’m ready for each and every moment.”

So, get ready, because you are truly about to know Josh Gracin as never before!

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Josh Gracin
Aug 24, 2024 | 1:00 PM
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