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Ray Doyle 860-428-7359
Aubrey Grabber 860-617-3245
Austin Grabber 860-614-5066

Entries accepted: July 14 – August 8 or until barn is full
Send entries to:
Ray Doyle, 520 Bass Road, Windham, CT 06280
Also please text Aubrey your total for barn set-up.

Printable Entry Guide

You must be exhibiting in a breed or market class in order to participate in showmanship

Sheep Show Regulations

  1. Entries must be postmarked or emailed after July 14th and before August 8th. No phone entries accepted. Connecticut exhibitors will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis. PREVIOUS EXHIBITORS WILL TAKE PRECEDENCE OVER NEW EXHIBITORS. Out-of-state exhibitors will be accepted in the order that they are received if there is still open pen space available. There is a maximum of 65 pen spaces in the barn. There are no entry fees. Exhibitors who plan to camp on the fairgrounds must PREREGISTER CAMPERS with the appropriate forms and fees. Livestock trailers that will stay for the weekend must be parked in the designated area.
  2. The exhibitor must own all entries. The exhibitor must be present at time of judging. Youth are allowed to exhibit leased animals, following the lease rules of 4-H. Youth exhibitors are considered as those at least 7 years and not older than 21. Registration, lease, and health papers will be checked in upon arrival and must be available all weekend.
  3. All health papers & rabies vaccinations must be dated at least 30 days prior to this show. All sheep must be presented with readable, permanent identification that matches their health and registration papers. All sheep must be enrolled in either the voluntary or mandatory scrapie program, in accordance with state guidelines. Exhibitors are responsible for providing their own barriers to accommodate the scrapie program rules.
  4. The Superintendent and the CT Livestock Inspector (upon arrival and during the course of the show) will determine the acceptance of sheep on the fairgrounds. Animals must not show any signs of infectious or contagious disease. No animals may be unloaded until checked in by the Superintendent.
  5. Straw bedding will be provided. Exhibitors are responsible for feeding and watering their animals. The inhumane treatment or neglect of livestock will not be tolerated.
  6. Premiums will be paid by check by October 1st.
  7. Entries are limited to 14 animals total per farming unit. Where a flock is registered in the names of different family members of a family residing on one farm and where the flock is one unit, all entries will be considered as a single exhibitor. Per breed, exhibitors may enter no more than two animals in an individual class, and one per group class. Exhibitors may show no more than two ewe lambs and two ram lambs per breed. Exhibitors are limited to no more than two market lambs.
  8. Market lambs may not be shown in purebred classes.
  9. No rams to show in the Market classes. Must be wether or ewes that have not shown in another type class.
  10. Exhibitors are expected to dress appropriately for show conditions. Youth exhibitors should wear white shirts, and solid colored pants. No tank tops or shorts are allowed in the show ring. All animals must be shown on a halter.
  11. Youth exhibitors are considered age 7 – 21 years as of January 1st. Exhibitors aged 21 and under are required to show in the Youth Show. Exhibitors age 21 and over will exhibit their animals in the Open Show. All exhibitors must be present in the show ring, and capable of handling their own animals. All youths must show in showmanship.
  12. Exhibitors are requested to break down their pens upon dismissal.
  13. In the event that you cannot attend the show after pre-registering, you must notify the Superintendent in order to eligible for next year’s show.
  14. Failure to comply with show rules will result in complete forfeit of premiums.
Arrival and Dismissal

All animals need to be penned in their assigned exhibit space by 4pm Thursday, and remain on the grounds until 5:00 pm Sunday. We will begin releasing sheep at 5:00 pm, starting with those traveling the farthest

Show Schedule

Friday 7:00 pm — Leadline (prejudging starts at 6:00 pm)
Wool Sheep will be shown on Saturday.
Meat sheep will be shown on Sunday.
Youth and Open will be shown together.

Department 2

Breed Classes (Open Show #200)

All breeds must present proper registration papers, except for AOB classes.
201 – Natural Colored
203 – Romney
204 – Border Leister
205 – Southdown
206 – Tunis
208 – Cotswold
209 – Lincoln 210 – AOB Wool
211 – AOB Meat
212 – Suffolk
213 – Hampshire
215 – Shropshire
216 –Dorper
420 – All Breeds (use for Showmanship, Leadline, Pen Decorating, 4-H Aged Sheep and all Market Lambs. Market lambs show by weight regardless of breed – Light, Medium, Heavy

Department 4

Breed Classes (YOUTH SHOW #400’s)

401 – Natural Colored
403 – Romney
404 – Border Leister
405 – Southdown
406 – Tunis
408 – Cotswold
409 – Lincoln
410 – AOB Wool
411 – AOB Meat
412 – Suffolk
413 – Hampshire
415 – Shropshire
420 – All Breeds (use for Showmanship, Leadline, Display, 4-H Aged Sheep and all Market Lambs. Market lambs show by weight regardless of breed – Light, Medium, Heavy

Please use the same lot numbers for both the Open Show (Department 2) and the Youth Show (Department 4). Youths must enter in the Youth Show.

  1. Senior Ram Lamb (born between 12/1 and 1/31)
  2. Junior Ram Lamb (born 2/1 and later)
  3. Pair Ram Lambs
  4. Yearling Ewe (over one year but under two years)
  5. Pair Yearling Ewes
  6. Senior Ewe Lamb (born between 12/1 and 1/31)
  7. Junior Ewe Lamb (born 2/1 and later)
  8. Pair Ewe Lambs
  9. Exhibitor Flock (1 ram lamb, 2 yearling ewes, 2 ewe lambs)
  10. Breeders Flock (1 ram lamb, 2 yearling ewes, 2 ewe lambs, all bred & owned)
  11. Get of Sire (4 animals with the same sire, either sex, all bred & owned)
  12. Pen of Three Lambs (3 lambs, either sex, all bred & owned)
  13. Purebred Twin Lambs (2 lambs twins to each other, either sex, both bred & owned)
  14. Best Pair (1 yearling ewe with 1 ewe lamb, both bred & owned)
  15. Market Lamb (will be split by weight – light, medium & heavy)
1st –$25, 2nd –$20 3rd –$15, 4th–8th –$10

Fitting & Showmanship Premiums (Lots 17-20)
1st –$35, 2nd–$30, 3rd–$25, 4th–$20, 5th–$15, 6th–$12, Others –$10

Age will be determined as of show day. Participation in Showmanship is mandatory for all youth exhibitors. Lot 17 is for first-season showmen only.

17. Junior (age 11-15)
18. Novice (age 7-10)
19. Senior (16-21
20. Adult over 21
21. Peewee under age 7

LEAD LINE Department 3

Class 320

Entrants must supply typed commentary to be read during show ring judging. Commentary should briefly provide a detailed description of the garment, and a few words about the exhibitor and accompanying animal. Contestants shall lead a ewe over the age of 4 months. Typed commentaries must be mailed with entry forms!
Entrants must furnish an ensemble, 75% of which is 100% wool.
Bonus points will be awarded for handmade garments.
Garments will be prejudged on the contestant.
All animals must be fit to show standards.
All animals must have been exhibited in either the open or youth show.

1st –$100, 2nd — $80, 3rd — $60, 4th — $55, 5th –$50, Others — $40

23. Novice ( age 7-10)
24. Junior (age 11-15)
25. Senior (age 16-21)
26. Adult
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