The Windham County Agricultural Society, Sponsors of the annual Brooklyn Fair, will be selling (50) Lifetime Memberships at a purchase price of $400 each. 

Lifetime Members are entitled to One (1) Vote at the annual meeting of the Society and Free Admission to the Brooklyn Fair for life. 

This is the first time these memberships have been sold in years! New members typically need to complete 300 hours of service to the Society in order to earn a membership.

Membership Sale begins on March 7, 2022. 

The process to apply for membership is as follows:

1. Application must be an original document PRINTED from the Brooklyn Fair website. Each application has a watermark.  Photocopies will not be accepted.


2. Forms must be mailed to: The Brooklyn Fair, PO Box 410, Brooklyn, CT 06234

Only one application per envelope will be permitted. 

Please write MEMBERSHIP on the outside of the envelope.

The first (50) applications will be determined by postmark and will be accepted. 

3. If multiple applications are postmarked with the same date and the target number of memberships is being reached the final members will be chosen by a lottery system.

4. All applications postmarked and received by the April 14th Board of Directors meeting will be opened at the meeting and a list will be generated.

5. Once notified of accepted application you will be given until May 2nd to forward payment. If payment is not received by that date the application will become void and the next applicant will be notified and given the same number of days to return payment.